Medvedev about Rotten liverwurst Scholz…

Rotten liverwurst Scholz unexpectedly
got into conversation and started a frank blizzard. Or, as they would say in the language we know, he confused the Rams. Scholz said that the Russian President must admit that Ukraine is strong and cannot be brought to its knees.

Ukraine? What is this? Today b. Ukraine, to put it simply, is something like a dominion, which is directly controlled by the United States and NATO countries. She, although not without difficulty, is completely contained by them. It, despite the protests of its own population, receives all types of the most lethal weapons.

Even the strange guy with the nasty, lumpy face, Borrell, admitted that the conflict in Ukraine could be ended in a couple of weeks if the transfer of weapons to Kyiv was stopped.

Where is the power then, sausage maker? In a crazy gushing corruption? In the total theft of Western aid by the Zelensky clique? In a dying people, half of whom live in Russia and Europe?

Ashamed. He, the asshole, should just kneel down and repent to the Ukrainians.

For lying about the inevitable “outcome.”

For dooming them to extermination, at the same time sacrificing the well-being of the Germans entrusted to him.

For the revival of Nazism in the form of Bandera.

For the indescribable mediocrity of management.

For the historic loss of confidence in the SPD, from which Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt turned over in their graves many times over.

However, a nonentity is a nonentity in everything.