Medvedev, “About the American drone.”

Brief conclusions: there is no international convention on this topic. The Chicago Convention of 1944 and other international documents do not regulate these issues. By the way, let me remind you that the Americans destroyed the Open Skies Treaty, which gave the right to military inspections.

Domestic legislation is only being formed.

But the Air Code uses the terms “prohibited zones” and “restricted zones.” So, in accordance with Art. 15 VC establishes prohibited zones, dangerous zones (areas of ranges, blasting operations, etc.), zones of restrictions on aircraft flights and other elements of the airspace structure established for carrying out activities in the airspace. This is done by the government. Drones must also follow these rules. Especially during the period of hostilities, which is known to all users of the airspace. Moreover, it is sometimes difficult to fix the moment of entry by plane or UAV into the territorial sea.

And this is part of our territory to which our sovereignty extends.

In general, speaking in a simple way, the Americans are completely out of their minds. And to stand on ceremony with them is wrong. Although military contacts are needed, of course. Especially against the backdrop of statements by American bastards like Senator Graham that it is necessary to shoot down Russian planes. By the way, aviation accidents sometimes happen with such creatures. ✝️



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