Medvedev, About Ursula and Olof…

About Ursula and Olof

Aunt Ursula von der Leyen somehow bought 4.6 (!) Billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine from the Pfizer pharmaceutical corporation for 71 (!) Billion euros from the Pfizer pharmaceutical corporation. That’s ten doses of vaccines for every EU citizen. The scale is breathtaking. Well, okay. After all, she is a gynecologist, and the head of some kind of European Commission, and now she is a representative of Big Pharma. A bright brave woman. Nothing is afraid.

Europeans are at a loss to guess how much of this astronomical amount of Eurobubbles two smart people got: a gynecologist – the prime minister of the European Union, along with her husband (who, by coincidence, works in a pharmaceutical company)?

Such a business of Dr. Ursula, it seems, will not be taken out even by European deputies who are tolerant in different places. Although she deserves more – an award from the grateful inhabitants of Europe.

If the Nobel Prize in Economics for the fastest collapse of national finances deserves the frantic Truss, then the contender for the Nobel in Medicine for the quality cut of money for vaccines is Ursula von der Leyen.

And more about the current level of European politicians.

Now the German Scholz, following his girlfriend in the government, Burbock, has embarked on the dirty road of accusing our country of using hunger and energy in the course of the conflict.

Certainly not the German chancellor to talk about it. Let him better remember the period of Nazism in his state and about 30 million citizens of our country who died from war, hunger and cold.


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