Medvedev and that, “proposal for peace”…

About Jeddah…

It is difficult to condemn the desire to end the war.

It is impossible to argue with references to the UN Charter, given the understanding that, in addition to sovereignty, there is also the right of nations to self-determination.

But any proposal for peace has a chance of success if three key conditions are met:

1. Participation of both sides of the conflict. And this is not.

2. Accounting for the historical context. And he is like this: the country of Ukraine never existed until 1991. It is a fragment of the Russian Empire.

3. Accounting for current realities. And they are as follows: Ukraine is in a half-life stage, and part of its territories has returned to Russia.

The mediator who is ready to admit these obvious things has a chance of success.
All others are none.

However, the negotiations themselves are not yet needed. The enemy must crawl on his knees, begging for mercy.