Medvedev, “Do you really care about the climate to that extent?” and about that, Poland?

Medvedev: Do you really care about the climate to that extent? In my opinion, this is nothing compared to the prospect of being at the epicenter of an explosion with a temperature of 5 thousand kelvins, a shock wave of 350 meters per second and a pressure of 3 thousand kg per square meter, with penetrating radiation, that is, ionizing radiation and electromagnetic impulse. Is there such a prospect today? Alas, yes. And it grows every day for known reasons.

Medvedev: The leaders of Poland – all these Dudas, Marovetskys – are already talking with the Ukrainian leadership about a confederation. It is not far from here to the union, as it used to be. And there is a reason. If you don’t take into NATO and the European Union all the Ukrainian girl who has fallen at the feet of the owners, we will take the remaining regions there in parts. I will express a seditious thought. A quiet partition is better than Ukraine in NATO or a world war. Greed and anger, hatred, ambition are often stronger than reason and common sense.