Medvedev Goes to South Ossetia: What is his Message to America?

President of Russia Medvedev made a strong statement a week after Obama showed up and gave his disaster of a speech of change and what Russia needs to do! (Oops, I realize that Western press ranked Obama’s speech right up there with the 10 commandments of the bible for importance, but it really showed a lack of forethought.)

Medvedev gives his answer by going to South Ossetia: Russia supports South Ossetia and and will not change her mind. This meeting was to have been a Putin event but in lieu of Obama’s lackluster attempt at a speech in Russia. Medvedev made a surprise visit and sent waves of shock through out Georgia. Sassy the president of Georgia came out of his hole and proclaimed that Medvedev was really a bad dude for doing that. 🙂

“The political meaning of the visit was to demonstrate the firmness of Russia’s positions in the strategically important region,” said Oksana Goncharenko, expert at the Center of Political Conjuncture of Russia. It was also said that “Georgia will not have territorial integrity even if Obama says this 25 times,” by Markedonov, Head of Department at the Institute of Political and Military Analysis.

Obama repeated numerous times about what Russia should change: Maybe Medvedev is telling Obama to look at America first and make changes before he spouts off about other countries and their problems.

Obama, Russia does not heed Washington’s Antics!

Is that what Medvedev is saying?

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PS: Sideline issue that contributes to whole picture:
Obama forgot (again) the most important part of visiting a foreign country. Learn ahead of time what is proper etiquette. That will create a better relationship than all the words in the world. Actions speak louder than words! Obama’s actions told Russians that they were not important enough.

When Obama and wife visited Medvedev’s for dinner, Medvedev and wife had gifts for the Obama’s. The Obama’s brought nothing not even flowers. (Flowers in Russia are very important, so important you can find flowers for sale on every corner – literally)

In Russia the guest never forgets to bring a gift for the host. NEVER!

(Obama’s advisers should and do know this, as well as Obama should know this)

In Russia evening meals are never turned down if invited. These meals are important political and business meetings as well as a cultural event for special guests. Obama turned down such meals to go out on the town with his wife…

That was a no, no… Obama was here on business not a vacation!