Medvedev has really woke up, looks like he reads my website. He is saying all I have said for years about America…

“We are waiting for the return of the Lynch courts with the legalization of the Ku Klux Klan”: Medvedev criticized the West for sanctions against relatives of Russian politicians

Western countries decided to “reproduce the best practices of the past” by introducing restrictions on family members of Russian officials. This point of view was expressed on his social media page by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

“Let’s take sanctions. Now, according to their model, not only participants in political events — statesmen or deputies — are responsible for the mythical violations invented in the West, but also their families, who are in no way capable of influencing their relatives, ”he wrote.

Medvedev stressed that “the family will answer for the decisions of lawmakers from Europe and the United States.” And this is the real “double lawlessness”. In the style of Stalinist repressions or the burning of witches at the stake in the Wild West.

“According to the full scheme and without guilt. And let’s block the accounts of family members, their property, do not let them cross the border to Western values. Wonderfully thought out. We are now waiting for the return of lynching courts in Western laws simultaneously with the legalization of the Ku Klux Klan. The Americans have a rich history here,” Medvedev concluded.

I will still say: Russians living out of Russia better wake up. The west will cut your throat and soon…

Medvedev is giving a warning…


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