Medvedev on Big American Game of Elections…

November 8 – elections to the US Congress

How can Democrats/Republicans today pay for their victory or explain their loss on Capitol Hill?

For the current Biden team, as well as for their Republican opponents, the currency is, in fact, one – the lives of the citizens of the mythical country of Ukraine, which they do not need.

They are a bargaining chip in the big American game. They are easily placed on the altar of future triumph in political battles across the ocean.

And here all means are good. The lives of Ukrainians pay for the endless supply of American weapons, and for the “labor” of instructors and mercenaries. They are ready to pay off in the event of the use of a “dirty bomb”.

Our people are also suffering. But the only difference is that our people will be avenged. All. And on the battlefield, and in other directions, far from the battlefield. And certainly not within the framework of failed lawsuits. In other ways.

But no one will remember the Ukrainians.

After all, the main thing for the American establishment is something else – who will control the House of Representatives and the Senate. Therefore, the war to the “victorious end”. Or rather, just to the end. End of Ukraine.

And the winner, as usual:

The winner takes it all…



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