Medvedev on G7 and Nukes…

You really cannot make up the things the West says and does. Medvedev tells it like it is…

The G7 foreign ministers called on Russia to reaffirm the inadmissibility of nuclear war. And this strange creature Blinken issued a pearl that the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is evidence of immeasurable human suffering. At the same time, he did not mention his country, which committed this crime.

Here are the lying creatures. They use nuclear weapons, but do not repent. They are endlessly hypocritical and lie to their own and others, but they say that our country is spreading “false information” about Ukraine. They demand that Russia give them some guarantees about nuclear weapons, but in fact they are hinting at a future nuclear conflict between our country and NATO.

And it all takes place in Japan. Where hundreds of thousands died from nuclear bombing. A country whose leadership essentially spits on the graves of their compatriots killed by the Americans.

What a disgrace!



You hit that on the nailhead, Medvedev…