Medvedev on NATO stupidity and ignorance…

In Europe, a new false idea is being discussed to send some kind of “peacekeepers” to Ukraine under the auspices of NATO. How do you like that?

The countries of the Alliance continue to do their best to stuff the Kiev regime with weapons, tanks and other military equipment. They send their assassin instructors and bloody mercenaries daily. In every possible way they support, extol and kiss passionately the Bandera bastards, give them various awards and medals. And now, it means that they will allegedly persuade them not to fight with Russia, they will persuade them to “stick a bayonet into the ground.”

NATO members are not just brazen creatures who have jumped off the coils from their redneck and arrogance. They treat everyone else as complete p… morons. And, grinning cynically, they offer their “peacekeeping” services.

Their true intentions are clear – to establish a favorable peace on the line of contact from a position of strength. Bring your “peacekeeping” troops into Ukraine with machine guns and tanks, in some blue helmets with yellow stars. How this ends, shows the history of the operations carried out by the United States and its allies in various regions of the world. The tragedies of Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, many African countries…

It is clear that the so-called NATO peacekeepers are simply going to enter the conflict on the side of our enemies. Pretty warm hands on this, bringing the situation to the point of no return. Unleash the very third world war, which is so feared in words.

It is also obvious that such “peacekeepers” are our direct enemies. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. They will be a legitimate target for our Armed Forces if they are placed on the front lines without the consent of Russia with weapons in their hands and directly threaten us. And then these “peacekeepers” must be ruthlessly destroyed. They are soldiers of the enemy. They are combatants, not “peacemakers”. And they will die in the course of hostilities.

It remains only to clarify whether Europe is ready for a long line of coffins of its “peacekeepers”?