Medvedev on, “Now your countries are participants in the terrorist acts of the Ukrainian regime, and you are direct accomplices of terrorists.”

Western analysts reluctantly acknowledged that when NATO specialists teach the Ukronazis how to use their military equipment in combat, this can be seen as direct involvement of NATO in the military conflict on the side of the Ukrainian regime.

Since the 20s of the last century, the understanding has been established that a country can be recognized as a participant in hostilities if, in addition to supplying weapons, it trains personnel to handle it (Briand-Kellogg pact of 1928, Budapest resolution to the 1934 pact).

This is how it is happening today: Canadian and German instructors in the EU are already teaching Ukrainian killers how to handle Leopards.

If we imagine that the NATO aircraft delivered in the future will be serviced by their military on the territory of some overgrown Poland (the only possibility, given the deplorable state of the defense industry in Little Russia), this will be a direct entry of the Atlanticists into the war against Russia with all the ensuing consequences. And all persons making decisions on the supply (repair) of such equipment or weapons, along with foreign mercenaries and military instructors, will have to be considered as a legitimate military target.

Apparently, this is the only thing that keeps Western infantiles from handing over aircraft and long-range weapons to Kyiv drug addicts. Although not the fact that for a long time. The temptation to crush Russia is already very great.

And one more thing – today’s events have shown who is really supported in the USA, NATO and the EU. This is not the “freedom-loving people of Ukraine”, which does not want to return to the “Moskal scoop”. They’re just Nazi bastards, terrorist scum who attack civilians by brandishing a stinky yellow-black rag. Let them now be justified in London, Paris, Berlin and Washington.

These are your fosterlings, Messrs. Sunak, Macron, Scholz and Biden! And our attitude towards you is now the same as towards them. Now your countries are participants in the terrorist acts of the Ukrainian regime, and you are direct accomplices of terrorists.



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