Medvedev on Russians whom embrace Western Idealism…

As you know, history often repeats itself as a farce after a tragedy. More than a hundred years ago, our “non-systemic oppositionists” fiercely wished our Motherland a defeat in the First World War. The result was the death of the empire, two revolutions and a bloody Civil War, which claimed 17 million people of different political views.

Reading the latest opuses of the State Department henchmen of the 21st century who have fallen over the cordon, I cannot get rid of the feeling that after the great tragedy, the time has come for a disgusting farce. Again, endless curses against the authorities and wishes for a speedy defeat in the war for their Fatherland, and often unpretentious dreams of the destruction of today’s Russia. It is disgusting to read this, especially considering that against the backdrop of these abominations, our servicemen defend our country with weapons in their hands, risking their lives daily and showing miracles of true heroism. Screwed freaks daily wish death to their compatriots and their country. The mind is incomprehensible. Although they apparently consider everyone who is now fighting, or at least in favor of victory over Ukrainian Nazism, people of the lowest grade, incapable of subtle emotions and an adequate perception of life. Stupid and weedy human material. Simply put, they despise all of us, of whom the absolute majority in our country. Why am I writing about this?

First. Traitors who hate their country so much that they call for its defeat and destruction must be regarded as hostis publicus, public enemies. Regardless of the legal qualifications of their acts. Like enemies of the state, using their favorite American equivalent. This definition must be firmly attached to them. Even if no one initiated any administrative or criminal cases against these persons.

Second. Such persons should not be allowed back to Russia until the end of their days. They must be completely cut off from the sources of income in our country, whatever they may be. The immoral situation, when traitors who wish their country to be defeated, simultaneously earn on Russia, must be stopped once and for all.

Third. The return of such persons home can take place only in the event of a prior unequivocal public repentance, and in appropriate cases, only through an amnesty or pardon.

Although it would be better for them not to return.