Medvedev on the EU Circus and its star performer, “A bearded fashion model in a green smelly T-shirt”…

About the circus of freaks and the new kidnapping of Europe.

A bearded fashion model in a green smelly T-shirt rode a circus tent across Europe. Live broadcasts, front pages of newspapers, photos with “European bosses”.

Well, in parallel – hundreds of daily dying mobilized Ukrainians, forcibly driven to protect the interests of the ruling Nazi clique.

I have already written that the current European “leaders”, entirely miserable amateurs, terry Russophobes and intellectual pygmies, will never stand even next to their predecessors. Those who, after the most destructive war of the 20th century, were building a new, independent and prosperous Europe. This was especially noticeable in the course of the last “combat” of Ukrainian extortionists. The apogee of the “circus of freaks” was an audience with a green greasy T-shirt from the British monarch.

But all more or less adequate people, especially the older generation, living on the ruins of the great Roman Empire, now see that they were sold some kind of cheap pornographic show. A vile and dirty fantasy that only brought problems to the Europeans.

The first of them is the exorbitant rise in the cost of their lives, which, probably, they will somehow be able to cope with. Eat less, wash less often, turn on the gas burners…

But what can you do for the “victory of the mythical country 404”. Fuck understand what, but in the newspapers they write that it is. The refugees are proof of that.

But the second one is much worse. national humiliation. The old “true” Europeans could probably endure from the “Big American Brother”. He also has the main money, and the main printing press (no one knows the fate of the euro), and a great weapon, and even the vaunted American democracy.

But when, albeit former, but empires are urged on by former undersized losers … Well, the former “great principalities” – Polish and Lithuanian … this is very humiliating. Especially for the direct descendants of the citizens of the Roman Empire – the Quirites. Yes, and for the descendants of warlike Franks and Gauls.

This rule of the exalted young European freaks will end very badly for the “old European civilization”. It is already dissolving under the onslaught of emigrants arriving from all over the world. And soon it will disappear completely, repeating the well-known myth about the abduction of Europa by Zeus.

Only today, the role of the bull will be played by impudent America, which is served with open mouth by lust for traitors to European interests such as Poland and the Baltic countries.