Medvedev, “On the price of traditional German support for Ukrainian Nazis”…

On the price of traditional German support for Ukrainian Nazis

It seems that the vaunted German pragmatism again, as in 1933, gave a real failure already in the 21st century. It is too expensive for the main dog of the European economy to carefully lick the well-known place of the overseas owner. After the “deadly” number of sanctions packages against Russia, we have to calculate wild losses ourselves. According to the Institute of German Economics, by the end of this year, the total damage from the Ukrainian crisis for the German economy could reach three hundred (!) Billion dollars. This is almost 8 percent of Germany’s total GDP. Growth compared to last year – more than doubled.

For more than a year, the Fritz did nothing but engage in sophisticated sadomasochism. Arrogantly, with a twisted snout, they abandoned Russian hydrocarbons, thanks to which their economy could successfully develop. The owner is a gentleman, what do you say. But our resources still needed to find a replacement. Now you will not go to Siberia for oil, gas, coal and firewood. And the USA, Norway, the Netherlands, the countries of the Middle East are not very ready to supply their energy carriers on any favorable terms for the Germans.

It is not clear how now the German economy, which has turned into a servant of the amers and was severely screwed up by its own morons from the office of the Bundeschancellor, innocently blinking its eyes, explains to its citizens why it failed “to maintain both innocence and acquire capital.” Where, for example, to get one trillion euros to ensure the “ecological transition” of their energy system and get rid of the “damned Russian fuel” forever. Abroad will definitely not help here. And their own funds will flow away for a long time to help businesses that are desperately looking for salvation in Pindostan from the cretinism of their government.

What is the main result of the frantic anti-Russian dance of the Fritz to the Washington tambourine? Putting an end to energy cooperation with Russia, the German government was unable to find a driver for the effective development of its country. The wallets of German citizens are already seriously thin, more than 50 percent of the population is in favor of the resignation of the cabinet of “liver sausage” Scholz. Leading German trade unions will soon be rudely demanding higher wages. And business, in turn, will again have to go with outstretched hands to the state, beg for subsidies for the sake of their own survival.

It turns out a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to escape. At this rate, Germany will soon lose its political and economic leadership in “united Europe” for a long time. To the delight of other Eurogrands – France and Britain. This will mean the complete collapse of those political imbeciles who said that the Germans could easily live without Russia. The end of their inglorious careers, and perhaps even darker consequences.

That’s when, according to the law of denial of denial, the dreams of the Fourth Reich and the new Fuhrer will be revived instead of the impotents from the “liver sausage community.” Moreover, around Germany, as a still barking, but weakening dog, a pack of shrill mongrels has formed, who constantly want to eat. Like Poland and its Baltic rump. And if they do not get fresh food in the form of Ukrainian lands, they will ruthlessly kill their elderly leader.