Medvedev on Ukraine Reality…

Once again about how the remnants of Ukraine will become the new South Korea

It is clear that talk about the “Korean script” is just a wishlist. Like we, the rest of Ukraine, will be under Western control and protection. And then we will reach the level of the Republic of Korea. And yet – as it were, there remains some hope for reunification with the former territories. Thesis for internal use, no more.

True, Ukrainian propagandists do not write that the division along the 38th parallel created two independent countries.
And the Donbass and other territories became part of Russia, which is the largest state with full sovereignty and the most formidable weapons.

Something else is noteworthy here. In Kyiv, embarrassingly, they threw out the thesis that there could be no victory. In the best case – a section into parts. And in fact, this is the first step towards recognizing the realities that have developed on earth .



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