Medvedev on USA Nuke Codes in whose hands?

Some of the most active Natsiks in Kyiv published a petition to their drug president about “resuming the nuclear status of Ukraine” with the possibility of placing and using foreign (NATO) nuclear weapons by Ukraine.

And what? Tanks and missiles are being delivered, aircraft are almost ready to be delivered. You look, and they will give up their nuclear weapons. No pity for good people. Moreover, Biden may not remember to whom he gave his suitcase with codes.

And how should our citizens respond to this pig-Bandera apocalyptic nonsense?
Perhaps in the form of a Russian petition for an immediate preemptive (preventive) use of Russian nuclear weapons in the event that a grandfather with dementia still presents his suitcase to a white powder lover.

Or inadvertently lose it during the next visit to Kyiv.