Medvedev talks about America the Orwell’s “Animal Farm”

George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” is a work for all time. Even now, many American leaders take it literally as a guide to action. Or an instruction manual for their own kind. On its money, America has inscribed the pretentious In God we Trust. In fact, the Americans are closest to the famous slogan, which was proclaimed in the Orwellian barnyard by a fat boar named Napoleon: “All animals are equal. But some are more equal than others.” This, one might say, is the essence of the American understanding of democracy.

It is very simple, this bestial model of the world order. Like the rules of the boar Napoleon and his younger brother Squealer (strongly reminiscent of the role of Britain), who led propaganda and agitation on the farm. Everyone can’t do everything. But the United States – everything is possible. If someone does not agree, he will be deprived of rations, crushed or sent to the slaughterhouse.

The more America goes on, the more it seeks to arrogate to itself the right of the Supreme Arbiter of international morality and legality. Grandmaster of international political games. The sinless Primate among supposedly equal clerics and their flock. And at the same time unpunished and unpunished. Reveling in its imaginary exclusivity, the United States is ready to constantly point out to the whole world what is good and what is bad. Which democracy is “useful”, and which is not suitable, because it is not tailored according to overseas patterns and not sewn according to Anglo-Saxon dimensions.

Why? But because it is they – the United States – that is the beacon of democracy. They are the best, they are exceptional. And this is what most of the American elite and their British henchmen say with almost Nazi enthusiasm. And not only them. There are enough slugs. Even with us. I remember my conversation with the Russian oil oligarch, who, after serving his term, retrained as the main opposition leader. For a year in 2002, he told me that everything is not so arranged with us. I asked him: “How is it necessary?” And he received a delightful answer: “Yes, just like in America. You just need to make a cast from them and do not change anything. You can’t think of a better one.” Verbatim.

The United States is sincerely convinced of its primordial right to decide for other states, with whom to be friends, whom to obey, with whom to trade, to whom to pay tribute and to whom to kneel … , sort of “provincial fools”) and “unclean”, against whom open or secret, but always well-funded wars are unleashed. And in some cases, they cynically make open decisions about their physical liquidation. Without hesitation – they simply give a public order to destroy a foreign leader. As was the case with Cuba and the Castro brothers (albeit unsuccessfully) or Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Or more recently with one of the Iranian officials – Qasem Soleimani. And there are countless examples…

Inside itself, America also allows itself anything. Even that for which he so fiercely criticizes any opponents – with or without reason. Pressure on electoral processes. Corruption and sex scandals. Social injustice, xenophobia and propaganda demagogy. Unrighteous Judgments. The coming to power of weak, absurd elders burdened with odious family ties. This is considered in order. And it’s understandable why it works that way. After all, the whole world is an extras, which is conducted by the notorious deep state, the “deep state” – powerful shadow groups of influence on economic and political processes. A hundred times more powerful than all US partners combined.

In the vastness of other countries and continents, Americans have been striving for more than a century to appropriate the exclusive “right of force”, in words demonstrating respect for international or sacred law. The Americans really believed that any of their deeds, even the most wild, cruel and unseemly, would still receive indulgence in the end. They will write it to themselves. Therefore, bombings, executions, coups in other states with the support of the United States – please, any whim for money with portraits of presidents. There are enough banknotes, they can always be reprinted. As well as foresight – America keeps the emission to itself, but prefers to wage wars “on a visit” and preferably by proxy.

National pride multiplied by stupid, boorish and self-confident force is a very dangerous thing. Is this not a red carpet to Nazism? Modernized Nazism version of the light of the XXI century.

However, the farther, the more difficult it is for fat “boars from the barnyard” to dictate their own rules to the rest of the planet. Excessively inflated, unjustified imperial ambitions are a sure sign that the empire, beefy and insolent from its impunity, does not have very long to live. This is how it always happened. We can continue to continue to firmly believe in the US Mission and the exceptionalism of their people. But this is unlikely to help when the world order they are imposing finally collapses.

The world, ready to live according to Anglo-Saxon rules, is shrinking and shrinking. Not even money and nuclear warheads help. Maybe because the power is completely different …



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