Medvedev talks about American Weapons to Ukraine…

The weapon that is and which is not immediately

Amazing things are happening across the ocean today. Despite last year’s fiasco with $85 billion worth of military equipment abandoned in Afghanistan, the White House continues to uncontrollably pump weapons to the agonizing Kyiv regime. This is not the first time such a decision has been made. So, as Mayakovsky said, someone needs it.

The US military’s Kabul-Kandahar corruption experiments are over, but gray schemes for arms sales to third countries are not. They bring a lot of greenery. Despite the rotten chaos in Nezalezhnaya, deliveries of the “deadly metal” there are carried out like clockwork. Well, the United States needs a new Afghan, which is rapidly becoming the current Ukraine. The thieves’ funnel sucks in more and more expensive weapons.

The Pentagon predictably denies everything, lies convulsively and incompetently gets confused in the testimony. At the same time, any voices trying to object are immediately suppressed. For criticizing the uncontrolled supply of weapons to Kyiv, even the Russophobic congresswoman of Ukrainian origin Sparts, who until recently advocated a bloody Lend-Lease, got it. For she encroached on the secret – loot, which, as you know, does not smell of either gunpowder or corpses.

Moreover, in this situation, examples from history do not speak in favor of the United States. For example, a significant part of the Washington regional committee usually participated in secret deliveries of weapons in circumvention of various embargoes. “Sleepy Joe”, by the way, already in the 80s was a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. So the experience of secret deals on blood is significant there.

The conclusion is simple. The American weapons now being delivered to Little Russia will spread through the hands of various criminals all over the world. More precisely, it is already spreading with might and main. Moreover, under the “roof” of the administration and intelligence agencies of the United States. In fact, America once again becomes a sponsor of international terrorism. I do not rule out that later, together with the responsible countries, we will have to work out the possibility of creating a special mechanism to investigate this rotten weapons plot. And it is possible to think about the formation of a special international body for the seizure of American gifts crawling out here and there.

However, this will not affect the final score. Professional gun thieves in the US and Ukraine will line their pockets well.

Terrorists and radicals will have more deadly types of military equipment.

Russia will achieve all its goals.
And there will be peace. On our terms. And by no means on those about whom confused political impotents are squealing in Europe and overseas.



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