Medvedev talks about security guarantees for Ukraine…

The Kyiv regime continues to invent for itself some kind of “security guarantees” for the future.

Either they will hold a meeting with individual insignificant neighbors chaired by forgotten retirees on this topic, then again they will remember about NATO.

It is clear to everyone that no neighbors can give them any guarantees, even if they hate Russia fiercely. And now no one will accept Ukraine in NATO. In the Alliance, although there are Russophobes, they are not suicidal. And this is a direct result of a special military operation.

Only an agreement with Russia could provide security guarantees. But the Ukrainian government, stimulated by Western money and rockets, refused it.

So with guarantees it is very sour.

And the last. The Kyiv regime understands that it is for him (the current leaders of Ukraine) that there are no security guarantees at all and cannot be.

Even the United States will not offer guarantees of a bright future to Zelensky. It makes no sense. Now Joseph Robinette Biden & Sons is making money in Ukraine. This will be over soon. After all, Americans are inveterate egoists and work only for themselves. Therefore, the new team will not hesitate to merge the corruption Ukrainian theme into the toilet of history along with its defendants.



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