Medvedev talks about the Arctic and his other thoughts…

A few words about the Arctic

The Arctic zone of our country has colossal hydrocarbon reserves – about 25% of the total Russian oil and gas condensate reserves, more than 70% of natural gas reserves.
Over the past few years, the region has also entered the list of world centers for the production of liquefied natural gas.

Of course, our opponents will continue to do everything to inflict maximum damage on the domestic fuel and energy complex and undermine Russia’s position in the Arctic. However, the mere intention of Western countries to abandon our energy resources is already having an extremely negative effect on millions of Europeans. Today they are experiencing an energy crisis, the scale of which will only increase. Even the main instigator of anti-Russian aggression, the United States of America, suffered.

Everyone understands that in their zeal to destroy the domestic economy, our enemies will go to the end. Impose more and more new sanctions against us, expel Russia from various organizations under far-fetched pretexts.

Just recently, seven Arctic states decided to resume the work of the Arctic Council, but without the participation of our country. Apparently, they all forgot that Russia controls the longest Arctic zone, where more than half of the indigenous population of the Arctic lives and most of the economic activity is carried out in high latitudes. You can arrange as many “cabal fights” as you like and try to solve something without Russia. But if such decisions are made without taking into account the interests of the largest Arctic power, they make no sense. And our country is absolutely not obliged to follow these decisions. Joint effective work to ensure the protection of the environment and the development of the polar regions will actually be frozen. Although the Arctic Council was created precisely for these purposes.

Nevertheless, these are their problems, not Russia’s. We will consistently expand cooperation with our friendly countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We have something to offer each other.

Now it is necessary to accurately determine the possible volumes of supplies of our energy resources, including from the Arctic, in these areas. And also to analyze in detail the prices for their products, which would meet national interests. And, of course, we will increase the consumption of Russian oil, gas, and coal in the domestic market and stimulate the deep processing of energy resources.

Taking into account these tasks, all projects and plans related to the development of the Russian Arctic zone require special attention. First of all, transport infrastructure and the Northern Sea Route, including its icebreaking, navigation, port and communications support. It is important to continue linking this key Arctic route with railroads while building a storage and transportation system for liquefied natural gas at high latitudes.

Decrease in demand for fossil fuels can lead to an increase in electricity consumption in the world. It will also be necessary to diversify the products that we export from the Arctic zone of Russia. We are talking about the production of such promising energy sources as ammonia, methanol and hydrogen. Of course, this will require quite large costs, so a comprehensive economic assessment of such opportunities is necessary.

The development of this important region for our country was considered today at a meeting of the commission for the development of the Arctic.


(Then he added)

Then it turned out that the especially gifted characters that I wrote about ⬆️ began to realize that Russia is our beloved Motherland. And it also dawned on them that without our country they could not survive.

After all, otherwise they will not receive:

– food for their citizens;
– fertilizers to produce food for their citizens;

– sources of energy for the production of food and heating of their citizens;

– metals and other products for the production of machines and mechanisms for their citizens;

– fuel for European and American nuclear power plants, which provide 20-40% of electricity to their citizens.

The list goes on.

Now we are looking forward to the next package of European sanctions and Grandfather Joe’s great sanctions decisions, about which the authors of these same sanctions immediately begin to come up with circumvention schemes.
I will not remind you about inflation, prices for all types of fuel and forecasts for the fall of economies. All data is publicly available.

And this is only the first month of summer.

We are waiting for autumn… when we will have to collect the main sanctions harvest.

In the meantime, the locomotive of their economy of services and digital currencies is flying into the wall at full steam. Smile, gentlemen, smile!


Then he added…

I saw a message that Ukraine, under Lend-Lease, wants to receive LNG from its overseas owners with payment for delivery in 2 years. Otherwise, next winter it will simply freeze.
Just a question. And who said that in two years Ukraine will even exist on the world map? Although the Americans don’t care anymore – they have invested so much in the “anti-Russia” project that everything else is a trifle for them …



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