Medvedev talks about USA sins and that Russia is to be and is blamed…

OUR SINS (of the USA)
(which is Russia’s fault)

1. In the crazy rise in the price of gasoline at all gas stations in the United States and its close allies.

2. Rising prices for all food products in all stores on all continents.

3. In the stupefying heat at European resorts, from which all living things suffer.

4. In provoking the introduction of “hellish sanctions” against Russia, which hit defenseless European companies.

5. That Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. periodically confuses words, cannot find a way out of the room and reads technical notes on the text of the prompter.

6. That in America you can vote by mail.

7. That Olaf Scholz was called “offended liver sausage”.

8. In the resignations of European leaders since the arrogant creation of the Russian Empire by Peter I to spite everyone.

9. In manipulating public opinion at the expense of works of Russian classical literature and symphonic music, which are uncritically consumed by gullible Europeans.

10. In the villainous assassination of the progressive European politician Gaius Julius Caesar by a gang of terrorists Publius Servilius Casca, Mark Brutus and other Russian mercenaries in order to split the Western world and promote anti-liberal values.

11. In an unprovoked pre-emptive meteorite impact on our planet and the subsequent disappearance of the dinosaurs.

The list is open. Replenished.


Russia stole your homework…

Russia is hiding under your bed…

Russia took your allowance…

Russia did it and imagine if they were not just a gas station with snack foods and drinks?

Again Medvedev posted another on this subject…

(which is not Russia’s fault)

1. The fact that the European fools were cynically swindled by the Americans, forcing them to take on the most painful consequences of the sanctions strike on the population of the EU countries.

2. The fact that ordinary Europeans will be fiercely cold in their homes this winter.

3. The fact that Europe and the US have the highest food inflation in recent decades.

4. The fact that companies from the EU and the US have lost their multibillion-dollar investments in the Russian economy.

5. The fact that the Americans elected their president a strange grandfather with dementia, who, forgetting about his duties, loves another country much more than his own.

6. The fact that the city lunatics, who called themselves the leadership of the EU, have completely lost touch with reality and are forcing the unfortunate Ukrainians to sacrifice their lives to join the European Union.

7. The fact that numerous political crooks are manipulating the topic of restoring the statehood of Ukraine within the former borders, counting on new military orders and cutting the cash flows allocated to the Kyiv regime.

8. That NATO continues, contrary to logic and common sense, to approach the borders of Russia, creating a real threat of world conflict and the death of a significant part of humanity.

9. The fact that after the 2014 coup, Ukraine lost its state independence and came under the direct control of the collective West, and also believed that NATO would ensure its security.

10. The fact that as a result of all that is happening, Ukraine may lose the remnants of state sovereignty and disappear from the world map.

11. The fact that Ukrainian criminals will definitely be tried for the atrocities committed against the people of Ukraine and Russia.



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