Medvedev’s final address to the Russian Parliament… (2011)

President Dmitry Medvedev delivering his annual address to the Russian Parliament. He is speaking in the St George Hall of the Moscow Kremlin. The address started at noon Moscow Time…

President Medvedev says Russia will not allow meddling in its internal affairs. Addressing the Federal Assembly on Thursday, he stressed that every citizen has a right to express his or her opinion, but attempts to enkindle hatred in the society from abroad are unacceptable…

President Medvedev began his annual address to parliament with his comments on the recent parliamentary elections.

Medvedev said that different people reacted differently to the elections and that a positive or negative response was nothing unusual.

As for allegations of vote-rigging, Dmitry Medvedev pledged to prevent any attempts to drag the country into chaos and said that the government wouldn’t allow any intervention from outside either. People have the right to express their views but attempts to sow discord are inadmissible, the president said.

Medvedev greeted the newly elected members of the lower house of parliament and said he was ready for dialogue with them…

Commenting on the recent opposition rallies across Russia, President Dmitry Medvedev, who is delivering his annual state-of-the-nation address on Thursday, said that he sees the protests as a sign of a maturing democracy in Russia.

“The fact that our citizens are becoming more active in expressing their points of view and bring forward demands to the authorities, proves that Russian democracy is getting stronger. I think, this is a positive trend, and it will only do us good.”

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev praised Russia’s efforts on tackling corruption.

“The results of this work [anti-corruption efforts] have seen more than 3,000 Russian officials brought justice over the first six months of 2011,” Medvedev said during his final annual state-of-the-nation address before he steps down as president…

President Dmitry Medvedev has made several breakthrough statements during his annual presidential address to Russia’s Federal Assembly.

­Chief among them is a proposal to move to direct voting when electing regional governors.

He said that all politically active citizens should be given the opportunity to participate in Russia’s political affairs.

The Russian president also wants to simply the process of registering political parties for elections by reducing the number of signatures required to 300,000.

Among steps he said he was going to make to implement the reform, Mr. Medvedev mentioned the need to elect governors and cancel a procedure when a candidate has to collect enough signatures to get his name officially registered.

The Russian president also suggested the Duma elections to be abolished and replaced by the proportional representation system across 225 districts so that each area could see its delegate in the parliament. Medvedev also suggested changes to the existing system of forming the central and local election commissions.

“These measures take on a special meaning ahead of the 2012 presidential elections, which must be fair and transparent and meet the present-day requirements for the legislation system”, Mr. Medvedev said.

Russia’s economy is the sixth largest in the world. President Medvedev told this in an address to the federal assembly in Moscow on Thursday. He stressed that Russia had overcome the hardest economic perturbations and restored the impressive rate of growth. The economy is growing by about 4 percent per year.

In his annual address to the nation as head of state, President Dmitry Medvedev has unveiled his plan to carry out a reform of Russia’s political system.

Russia and the EU have intensified their efforts to ease the visa regime, with prospects emerging for visas to be abolished, Dmitry Medvedev said as part of his annual state-of-the-nation address on Thursday. “;Twenty-three partnership agreements have already been signed with the EU member states….

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty works towards strengthening strategic stability. Medvedev said so in his annual address to the Federal Assembly on Thursday.

“One of the biggest achievements is the conclusion /between Russia and the USA/ of the treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive armaments,” the president announced.

“It /the treaty/ works towards strengthening strategic stability. Also, this Treaty launches the establishment of a new architecture of equal and indivisible security,” Medvedev said.

President Medvedev has reiterated that Moscow is open for a constructive dialogue and partnership on missile defense. In his annual address to parliament on Thursday, the president said that Russia expects the West to demonstrate the same readiness for dialogue so that the parties involved could reach a mutually acceptable decision on missile defense bases in Europe.

Russia&amp’s President Dmitry Medvedev believes that citizens should get an opportunity to decide on the time of retirement. “; We have to build a long-term strategy of developing the pension system. I think, we have to give to the people an opportunity to choose when they want to retire considering the correlation between their pensions and their salaries.

President Dmitry Medvedev has hit Twitter’s Trending Topics during his address to the Russian Parliament. The address is the last one for Mr. Medvedev as President. Twitter’s Trending Topics feature hashtag used in at least 10-20 thousand tweets in one hour. Dmitry Medvedev’s name appeared as a hashtag in Cyrillic. (RIA Novosti)…

President Medvedev has said that the current system of state purchase contracts will be replaced with that of federal contracts as a measure to combat corruption. During his annual address to parliament on Thursday, the president said that a corresponding law would come into effect in the first half of 2012. (RIA Novosti)…
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President Medvedev said in his annual address to parliament that most of defense ministry orders are being placed with companies of the military industrial sector for several years ahead. This, he said, should prop up defense enterprises. In their turn, the businesses working for the defense sector should meet their deadlines with maximum efficiency and according to schedule. (RIA Novosti)…

President Medvedev has suggested creating public television on one of the federal television channels. “To improve public communications modern technologies should be used,” Medvedev declared.

“I suggest that the problem of creating public television, possibly on the basis of the existing federal television channels, should be resolved in the near future,” the president said.

“Neither the state nor any owner of new public television shall exercise any influence on the adoption of any decision,” Medvedev said. “In that case none of the owners of public television should have a decisive influence when making decisions,” Medvedev explained. “Neither the state nor any private owner,” he reiterated.

“I am confident that such public television will make our media environment more competitive and more interesting,” the president declared.

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