MoD if Russia on the Western Outrageous actions and responses on Poland Missiles Game…

⚡️ Statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry on false accusations of Russia’s involvement in the missile incident in Poland

In connection with the fall of two missiles on the territory of the Republic of Poland on November 15, 2022, not far from the Polish-Ukrainian border, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation immediately provided comprehensive explanations about the non-involvement of the armed forces of our country in this incident.

Despite this, we record an outrageous public reaction to the incident in a number of NATO countries, the media, which, in unison, without the desire to understand the situation, hastened to circulate absolutely false, unfounded allegations that Russia could be the culprit.

The so-called “consultations” of Western structures, which gave rise to a new wave of unsubstantiated accusations, which, however, quickly subsided. We see in this bacchanalia deliberate actions taken as part of the anti-Russian campaign conducted in the West on a systematic basis around Ukraine.

☝️ At the same time, it is noteworthy how quickly accusations against Russia began to be made by representatives of the Kyiv regime. The authorities in Kyiv seem to be taking every opportunity to blame Russia and try to consolidate Western support as the Zelenskiy regime appears to have worn down their patrons. Moreover, preliminary data on this incident point to Ukraine.

❗️ We are confident that an impartial investigation and publication of its results will expose this provocation.


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