Mod of Russia on the U.S. activity becomes more aggressive and offensive…

​​U.S. activity becomes more aggressive and offensive

The ruling elites of the United States are fiercely trying to preserve their disappearing hegemony. Washington’s efforts are based on the doctrinal documents that determine its policy goals, as well as the ways and means of achieving them.

Notes from the interview with the corresponding member of the Academy of Military Sciences of Russia Vladimir Kozin to Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

💬 ‘… The United States, the self-proclaimed master of the world, disposes with impunity of any State that happens to be undesirable for some reason. Not only does the U.S.-led Collective West impose unprecedented russophobia to the world, but also directly declares its intention to destroy, to dismember Russia’.

💬 ‘… The U.S. national security and defence strategies, as well as nuclear, anti-missile and space strategies have an offensive and, undoubtedly, aggressive nature’.

💬 ‘… The essence of all the U.S. strategic objectives reduces to one point: gaining an advantage over its vis-a-vis. That is why the United States is seeking to selectively reduce Russia’s certain promising types of armaments where the U.S. have a clear technological inferiority’.

💬 ‘… It is known that Biden’s administration has refused to radically solve the problem of withdrawing forward-deployed tactical nuclear armaments from Europe and Asia, as well as the issues on limiting combined missile defence facilities, attack space armaments represented by anti-satellite systems and space-to-surface space-based weaponry’.

💬 ‘… Washington has neither refused to develop new medium-range missiles, nor to perform joint nuclear missions within NATO in cooperation with non-nuclear States. Neither is it willing to ratify the international Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty’.

💬 ‘… As for the armament control process itself, there is only Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START III) from the current agreements between Moscow and Washington in this field signed in 2010, as well as the Agreement on the Prevention of Incidents On and Over the High Seas approved in 1972. In early 2021, Russia and the U.S. extended the START III by five years’.



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