MoD of Russia Posts for February 13th to February 15th, 2023…

15.02.2023 (12:00) Two Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers conduct scheduled flight over neutral waters of Chukchi and Okhotsk seas Su-30 fighters from Air Force and Air Defence Formation of the Eastern Military District escorted the aircraft.
15.02.2023 (06:00) Su-30SM and Su-35S crews conduct air patrol, support bomber and ground-attack airplanes within special military operation Within one of the sorties, an AFU aircraft was timely detected and destroyed.
15.02.2023 (05:13) WMD Grad MLRS crews destroy AFU facilities and camouflaged positions within special military operation After launching an attack, MRLS crews always redeploy to other their firing positions.
15.02.2023 (05:05) CMD servicemen capture AFU strongpoint in Lugansk People’s Republic The Ukrainian troops retreated in disarray up to three kilometres away from their previous positions.
15.02.2023 (05:00) SMD tank units destroy AFU positions and hardware within special military operation The tank operators from the Southern Military District have been awarded several State and departmental awards.
14.02.2023 (14:45) Summary of CSTO Collective Security System authorities and forces’ joint training in 2022 Chief of the CSTO Joint Staff Colonel General Anatoly Sidorov estimated the military-political situation in the Organisation’s area of responsibility, and told about the main results of the CSTO Collective Forces’ activity in 2022.
14.02.2023 (06:45) Orlan-10 UAVs assist SMD Akatsiya artillery system crews in launching precise strikes within special military operation The joint and cohesive action has resulted in the neutralisation of the enemy.
14.02.2023 (06:15) CMD 120mm mortar crews eliminate enemy’s manpower and fortifications within special military operation Fire precision is adjusted by unmanned aircraft units that uninterruptedly observe the position of the Ukrainian military.
14.02.2023 (06:00) Russian servicemen provide aid to Syrian residents affected by earthquake The victims have been provided with over 2.5 tonnes of groceries (macaroni, flour, stewed beef, millet and buckwheat cereals), as well as disinfectants.
14.02.2023 (05:45) Modernised BRM-1K reconnaissance fighting vehicle crews attend their training course in rear area of special military operation The gunners of the fighting vehicles use modern, computerised fire control systems, operate 30mm automated guns, and twin-barreled PKT 7.62mm machine guns.
14.02.2023 (05:00) WMD Army Aviation Mi-35 attack helicopter crews destroy AFU camouflaged command posts and armoured hardware The helicopters operated in a combat spread formation to provide freedom of manoeuvring and piloting, the formation changed along the fligh.
13.02.2023 (16:45) Baltic Fleet’s Naval Aviation helicopters commence scheduled exercise The pilots are to conduct about 50 scheduled flights, practise throwing bombs, launching fire strikes at sea and surface targets.
13.02.2023 (11:45) Pacific Fleet’s Marines and landing ship ‘Admiral Nevelskoy’ conduct joint exercise in Kamchatka The crews of the BTR-82A and BMP-3 armoured vehicles embarked aboard the large landing ship via the bow ramp; the personnel embarked thereafter.
13.02.2023 (06:30) Ka-52 attack helicopter crews launch strike against AFU strongpoints The airpower operation has resulted in the destruction of enemy’s command post, and armoured hardware.
13.02.2023 (06:00) CMD units advance several kilometres towards AFU layered defence The troops of the Central Military District continue their combat action within the special military operation.
13.02.2023 (05:30) Russian airborne assault unit destroys AFU platoon strongpoint The professional action of the Russian paratroopers has resulted in the establishment of control over enemy’s defensive positions, elimination of a large number of AFU personnel, and capture of their armament.
13.02.2023 (05:00) CMD artillery crews launch strike at AFU infantry concentration The crews of the 122mm D-30 howitzers spend no more than two minutes on opening fire since their targets are indicated.