MoD of Russia Report for Dec. 03, 2023…

03.01.2023 (11:00) Pacific Fleet’s Osa air defence system crews continue their action within special military operation Air defence professionals from the Western Military District successfully neutralise the air targets (aiplanes and helicopters), as well as counter enemy unmanned aircraft.
03.01.2023 (05:30) WMD 152mm Akatsiya self-propelled artillery system crews destroy AFU hardware and strongpoints within special military operation Once the crews launch an attack, they change their position and open fire at detected firing positions near AFU strongpoint, remaining invisible for the artillery of the enemy.
03.01.2023 (05:00) SMD Grad MLRS crews continue destroying AFU facilities and positions within special military operation Once a strike is launched, Grad MLRS crews redeploy and recharge their fighting vehicles


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