MoD of Russia Report for October 8th, 2022…

08.10.2022 (10:00) Servicemen of the SMD conducted military security exercises in Armenia The instructors explained the algorithms for dealing with different situations.
08.10.2022 (08:00) Uragan multiple rocket launchers from the CMD continue to carry out tasks in the special military operation Fire adjustment and target reconnaissance are performed by unmanned aerial vehicles.
08.10.2022 (05:00) Joint exercise of the CSTO Collective Forces completes in Kazakhstan On the final day of the exercise of the Collective Rapid Reaction Force Interaction, Search and Echelon military contingents of CSTO member states practiced the actions of a joint combined-branches group to repel an attack by a mock enemy. The task before the group was to repel the attack by the mock enemy, inflict the maximum possible losses on him and create the conditions for a counteroffensive.

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