MoD of Russia Reports for 03/06/2023 to 03/09/2023…

09.03.2023 (07:30) Planning conference for Laros 2023 joint Russian-Laotian military exercise concluded in Primorsky Krai The Laotian friends also visited the Military History Museum and the Ussuriysk Suvorov Military School.
09.03.2023 (05:20) Russian Defence Ministry shows paratroopers seizing AFU stronghold Reconnaissance units and unmanned aerial vehicle crews uncovered enemy positions and relayed their location to artillery units for firing.
09.03.2023 (05:10) Russian Defence Ministry shows Central MD’s motorised rifle units at training ground in rear of special military operation Motorised riflemen of the Central Military District practise moving during small arms combat, suppressing enemy firing points and infantry using Kornet anti-tank missile systems, Metis, RPG-7 grenade launchers and small arms.
09.03.2023 (05:00) Ka-52 crews of Western MD in combat action within the special military operation The Ka-52 reconnaissance assault helicopters carried out missile launches against strongholds and armoured vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during combat missions.
08.03.2023 (05:10) Servicewomen of airborne medical unit provide medical care to wounded and sick in special military operation area The paratroopers from Ivanovo formation congratulated female paratroopers on International Women’s Day.
08.03.2023 (05:05) Residents of Moscow Region send humanitarian aid to servicemen within special military operation The packages include warm clothes, shaving kits, balaclavas, high-boots shoes, pillows and blankets, gas balloons and gas-burners, first aid kits, shovels, and scraps.
07.03.2023 (17:55) Negotiation process resulted in the return of 90 Russian servicemen from the Kiev-controlled territory, who had been in mortal danger in the captivity The liberated personnel will be delivered to Moscow by military transport airplanes for further treatment and rehabilitation at healthcare facilities of Russian Defence Ministry.
07.03.2023 (14:00) CMD Mi-8 crews practise piloting in minimal visibility in Ural The exercises involved about 100 military personnel from the flight, engineering, control and flight support teams.
07.03.2023 (13:05) Russian Defence Minister hosts teleconference with Armed Forces’ leadership General of the Army Sergei Shoigu informed the participants about the progress in the special military operation, discussed the construction of the submarine ‘Kronshtadt’, and military-political activities to celebrate the 78th anniversary of the Victory.
07.03.2023 (10:30) Russian Group of Forces in Syria delivers humanitarian aid to orphanage in Latakia The administration and pupils of the orphanage thanked the Russian servicemen for the groceries and warm clothes.
06.03.2023 (17:30) Russian servicemen practise throwing hand grenades in Tajikistan All the personnel had learnt the grenades’ operational characteristics, safety regulations, as well as methods to throw them before the practical part started.
06.03.2023 (09:45) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu inspects construction works aimed at restoring infrastructure facilities in Donbass In Mariupol (Donetsk People’s Republic), the Defence Minister inspected the readiness of the facilities that had already been put into operation, as well as the progress in the works at the building sites of the facilities under construction.
06.03.2023 (05:20) Assault teams continue training in rear of special military operation In forest terrain, troops practise moving, taking corners, controlling positions, sweeping dugouts and shelters.
06.03.2023 (05:15) Enemy ambush revealed by Russian paratroopers on the outskirts of the village during liberation operation Paratroopers approached the building under a dense smokescreen, threw grenades to the militants inside, assaulted the building, and eliminated them with small arms.
06.03.2023 (05:10) Russian artillerymen use 152mm Giatsint self-propelled guns as ‘rowing guns’ The 152mm Giatsint-S self-propelled guns each fire five to six rounds per minute and then reposition.
06.03.2023 (05:05) Russia’s Su-25 ground-attack aircraft deliver air strikes on AFU The airstrikes of the ground-attack aircraft utterly annihilated camouflaged fortified positions and armour of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.