MoD of Russia Reports for December 2, 2022…

02.12.2022 (09:00) Russian servicemen in Laos take part for the first time in a petanque competition as part of Laros 2022 international exercise In addition, other competitions were held on the sports grounds of one of the military units of the Lao People’s Army, in particular, friendly football and volleyball matches and tug-of-war competitions.
02.12.2022 (07:00) Su-25 ground attack aircraft continue missions in special military operation The airstrikes utterly annihilated camouflaged fortified positions and armour of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
02.12.2022 (06:00) Orlan 10 UAV reveal the ways of transporting nationalist ammunition in the zone of the special military operation As part of the special military operation, the Orlan-10 UAV crew revealed more than 20 enemy objects.
02.12.2022 (05:00) Mobilised personnel undergo training in rear areas of the special military operation The training is supervised by instructors who have combat experience in the zone of a special military operation and can show and tell by personal example all the features of mine clearance and the installation of minefields.
02.12.2022 (00:01) Russian Aerospace Forces successfully test-fire new ABM interceptor missile The ABM system is used by the Russian Aerospace Forces to defend against attacks by aerospace weapons.

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