MoD of Russia Reports for December 3rd, 2022…

03.12.2022 (07:30) Joint training of Russian and Laotian Armed Forces personnel take place in Laos The international exercise involves tank, motorised rifle, and reinforcement units from the Eastern Military District. The Lao Defence Ministry’s participation in the exercise includes groups of tank, reconnaissance, artillery, engineering, airborne chemical defence and communications units, as well as aviation.
03.12.2022 (05:50) 2S3 Akatsiya 152mm artillery units of the Southern Military District in the special military operation The day before, according to intelligence, a position was discovered where an artillery unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had been positioned. The target was suppressed by accurate fire from the 152mm self-propelled artillery units.
03.12.2022 (05:00) Military doctors from the Western Military District provide necessary medical care to military personnel and injured civilians in the special military operation The hospital is separated into numerous departments. In a GP department, for example, the patient’s blood pressure is measured and a cardiogram is taken, just like in a normal polyclinic. The main difference is that 80% of the doctors here are surgeons.

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