MoD of Russia Reports for December 6th, 2022…

06.12.2022 (12:45) Russian Defence Minister holds a teleconference with leadership of Russian Armed Forces General of the Army Sergei Shoigu briefed the participants on the progress of the special military operation, spoke on the new training year, the formation of a unified system of military-patriotic education, and other issues.
06.12.2022 (12:00) Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers of Airborne Troops artillery unit neutralise fortifications, armour, and UAV launching pads of Armed Forces of Ukraine Target reconnaissance and correction of fire on enemy positions is carried out in close cooperation with unmanned aerial vehicle crews.
06.12.2022 (06:30) Laros 2022 Russian-Laotian drills successfully completed The final stage of the exercise involved a joint group of troops carrying out a mission to neutralise an illegal armed group.
06.12.2022 (06:00) Ka-52 and Mi-24 crews of Central MD destroy AFU command post The command of the Central Military District highly assess the performance of the Army Aviation, which successfully carried out hundreds of sorties during the special military operation.