MoD of Russia Reports for December 7th, 2022…

07.12.2022 (09:00) A Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Protection training held with mobilised personnel in a motorised rifle unit (Eastern Military District) During the training, the troops called up as part of the partial mobilisation trained to put on a gas mask and respirator, as well as general service protective equipment.
07.12.2022 (06:00) Russia’s Su-27 jets on sorties in special military operation The fighter jets perform air patrol tasks in the designated area and cover the actions of bomber and assault aircraft, as well as Army Aviation crews.
07.12.2022 (05:30) Ministry of Defence shows air defence units at one of the training grounds in the rear area of the special military operation zone Fire, medical, tactical, and engineering training courses take place under supervision of instructors with combat experience gained in the special military operation.
07.12.2022 (05:00) A special train from the Western MD involved in the zone of the special military operation The train is designed for technical reconnaissance, mine clearance, as well as restoration of the railway track, and small artificial structures with minor damage.

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