MoD of Russia Reports for December 8th, 2022…

08.12.2022 (16:00) S-400 SAM systems train to repulse an air attack in the Baltic Fleet The mock aircraft were detected at long range by the Nebo-U, Nebo-M, and Kasta mobile radar stations.
08.12.2022 (12:00) Firearms training sessions held for mobilised servicemen in the Republic of Buryatia In addition, they practised elements of camouflage, stealthy movement, and target-ranging using special equipment.
08.12.2022 (09:30) S-300 air defence missile systems of the Eastern Military District train to prevent an air attack in Zabaikalsky Krai During the exercise, air defence specialists searched for, pursued, and intercepted a ballistic target by the duty shift at a range of several hundred kilometres.
08.12.2022 (06:45) Mobilised personnel train to operate 120mm Sani mortars in Zabaikalsky Krai The live-fire exercises were preceded by training, during which the personnel practised some 20 specialised training standards, including bringing the mortar into combat, into a marching position, assigning firing positions, and changing firing positions.
08.12.2022 (05:00) Company tactical exercises held in Belarus involving servicemen from the Western Military District The exercises are conducted both during the day and at night.