MoD of Russia Reports for February 17th to 18th, 2023…

18.02.2023 (06:00) Russian Air Force Su-25 strike fighter carried out missile strikes on military facilities and equipment of the AFU The airpower operation has resulted in the elimination of the AFU camouflaged fortified positions and armoured hardware.
18.02.2023 (05:10) CMD motorised riflemen continue to undergo tactical training in rear area of special military operation At the training ground, the troops learn how to use tactical movement techniques in small arms combat and how to overcome engineering and minefield obstacles in co-operation with armoured vehicles.
18.02.2023 (05:05) Airborne troops neutralise AFU drones with modern drone guns The guns disable the AFU unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) at a distance of up to two kilometres, reducing the enemy’s ability to reconnaissance and adjust fire on the positions of Russian troops.
18.02.2023 (05:00) WMD logistics units continue to support Russian troops within special military operation The special emphasis was placed on supporting the troops that operate at a considerable distance from the provisional deployment posts.
17.02.2023 (17:30) Anti-terrorist training in Saratov region Once the units were alerted, the personnel took their positions, and practised eliminating the mock enemy.
17.02.2023 (16:30) Baltic Fleet’s military engineers practise laying mines on bridge The training action was supported by motorised rifle unit, whilst tactical reconnaissance groups held the bridgehead.
17.02.2023 (06:00) CMD Giatsint–B large–calibre gun crews hit AFU positions, equipment and manpower Once a target is neutralised, the battery redeploys from its positions, and shelters in dugouts.
17.02.2023 (05:45) Buk–M2 SAM systems continue to protect Russian Armed Forces’ units One missile is usually consumed per one target.
17.02.2023 (05:30) WMD roving 120mm mortar crews continue launching attacks at AFU The mortars suppress firing positions and destroy sheltered enemy manpower at ranges of up to 7,000 metres.