MoD of Russia Reports for January 12th to January 14th, 2023…

14.01.2023 (13:30) Russian Armed Forces launch high-precision new generation projectiles at AFU facilities Russian forces have destroyed the fortified firing positions, hardware, and armament of the AFU, using the high-precision ordnance.
14.01.2023 (13:15) CMD special medical detachment continues providing aid to victims in special military operation area Operating directly near the line of contact, the doctors carry out complicated surgical operations, as well as extract fragments and subprojectiles.
13.01.2023 (16:30) Baltic Fleet’s Marines practise shooting in Kaliningrad region Personnel have been trained to use assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, and grenade launchers, as well as the armament mounted on BTR-82A armoured personnel carriers.
13.01.2023 (09:00) SMD Operational-Tactical Aviation commence training flights in new year Moreover, Su039SM and Su-27 fighter crews have practised a simulated air fight with elements of aerobatics.
13.01.2023 (06:15) Sani mortar crews support Pacific Fleet’s marines to advance in Ugledar direction The mortar crews shoot at maximum distances to neutralise buried single and multiple targets.
13.01.2023 (05:45) WMD Msta-SM2 system crews destroy AFU artillery and fortified positions within special military operation Artillery units from the Western Military District conduct everyday counterbattery warfare, destroying enemy’s armament and hardware, including those delivered from abroad.
13.01.2023 (05:15) CMD signal operators support combat units along all frontline within special military operation Risking their lives, the signal operators from the Central Military District perform their mission within the special military operation.
12.01.2023 (18:45) CSTO Secretary General visits Joint Staff Secretary General of the Organisation Imangali Tasmagambetov was informed on the activities of CSTO structural subdivisions, reviewed the decision-making hall of the CSTO Crisis Response Centre, and the historical exposition in the International Military Centre.
12.01.2023 (18:30) Northern Fleet’s frigate Admiral Gorshkov navigates through English Channel The frigate is supposed to take part in various joint manoeuvres with ships from other fleets of Russian Navy, as well as with foreign vessels.
12.01.2023 (17:30) CMD S-400 Triumf crews practise to eliminate mock enemy in Siberia The crews have launched a total of over 20 simulated missiles at distances of up to 200 km. The flight of air targets was imitated by the machinery of the air defence missile systems.
12.01.2023 (12:00) Pacific Fleet’s Uragan MLRS crews continue operating in South Donetsk direction Uragan MLRS is designed for destroying hostile fortified positions, hardware, and manpower.
12.01.2023 (06:30) Grad multiple-launch rocket units destroy AFU munitions depots The command of the CMD (Central Military District) notes the high performance of Grad MLRS crews within the special military operation.
12.01.2023 (06:00) Su-25 crews launch missiles at AFU military facilities and hardware After the use of aircraft weapons, the crews have released heat flare and returned to the airfield of departure.
12.01.2023 (05:15) CMD Akatsiya artillery system crews destroy AFU positions, hardware, and manpower Precise fire of the howitzer batteries is adjusted by UAV operators and groups of forward observers.
12.01.2023 (05:00) WMD 152mm Giatsint-B towed cannon crews destroy AFU hardware and fortified positions The personnel were conscripted within the partial mobilisation. They have completed their preparatory and unit cohesion courses in the training grounds of Russian Defence Ministry, and at the training grounds of the Western Military District.


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