MoD of Russia Reports for January 1st and 2nd of 2023…

02.01.2023 (11:45) WMD engineering troops continue demining liberated settlements from unexploded remnants left by AFU Sapper units are the first who pass through minefields and artificial obstacles, make paths for vehicles and units, providing the offensive of Russian forces.
02.01.2023 (05:30) Msta-S self-propelled howitzer crews in combat action The crews neutralise the personnel, strongpoints, vehicles, and hardware of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
02.01.2023 (05:00) SMD Giatsint-B artillery crews destroy AFU facilities and positions within special military operation Supporting the mechanised infantry units of the Russian Armed Forces, the artillery operators from the Southern Military District continue launching attacks at enemy strongpoints and manpower, as well as convoys that deliver reserve forces.

And 31st…

31.12.2022 (12:00) Russian Defence Minister congratulates personnel on upcoming New Year The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergei Shoigu congratulated personnel on the upcoming New Year, and thanked them for their courage and heroism shown in the line of their duty.


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