Complete MoD of Russia Reports for January 23rd, 2023…

23.01.2023 (17:30) Baltic Fleet’s helicopter crews conduct scheduled training flights in Kaliningrad region Main emphasis was placed on nighttime flights.
23.01.2023 (11:00) Krasnopol guided projectiles actively employed by Pacific Fleet’s towed howitzers within special military operation These projectiles capture targets illuminated by a laser beam and go into guided mode accomplished by means of aerodynamic control surfaces.
23.01.2023 (06:30) 152mm 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled artillery units from Southern MD engage AFU military facilities and hardware within the special military operation The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue an offensive during the special military operation.
23.01.2023 (06:15) CMD mortar crews continue their preparatory course in rear areas of special military operation Mortar operators practise deploying the guns, orienteering, aiming, and firing from sheltered positions.
23.01.2023 (05:45) SMD T-90M Proryv tank crews hammer AFU positions in one of tactical directions Observation posts, ordnance depots, and foreign military hardware, deployed on the right bank of Dnepr, are destroyed according to the coordinates transmitted by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
23.01.2023 (05:30) Su-25 crews launch strikes at AFU military facilities and hardware The action of airpower has resulted in the elimination of hostile camouflaged fortified field positions and armoured vehicles.
23.01.2023 (05:15) SMD Tornado-G MLRS crews continue their combat action within special military operation Rocket artillery neutralises hostile batteries, destroys command posts, as well as armament, ordnance, and fuel depots.