MoD of Russia Reports for January 24th, 2023…

24.01.2023 (17:30) Russian signal units commence selection stage of Confident Reception competition in Tajikistan within Army Games 2023 Personnel are to install wired communication lines, as well as receive and transmit signals by Morse code.
24.01.2023 (10:00) NBC Protection units of Caspian Flotilla train at the Adanak mountain range In the field, the troops practised radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance, aerosol countermeasures, decontamination, and disinfection of weapons and military hardware.
24.01.2023 (08:15) EMD units practise operating armament mounted on BMP-2 vehicles in Primorye The targets were both collapsible, and mobile, installed at distances from 300 to 900 metres.
24.01.2023 (06:00) Orlan-10 UAV crews of Western MD carry on combat missions within the special military operation The UAVs are equipped with a high-powered camera and thermal imager to find targets. Once the target is detected, its location is transmitted to the command, and artillery opens fire on it.