MoD of Russia Reports for January 27th to 28th, 2023…

28.01.2023 (05:00) WMD repair units uninterruptedly restore and fix hardware and armament within special military operation The repair units are also manned by mobilised personnel, volunteers, and representatives of the factories of origin.
27.01.2023 (19:05) Destroyer Admiral Levchenko ships out for combat training The destroyer will practise interacting with the Pamir rescue tugboat, as well as with the Northern Fleet Air Force and Air Defence Force helicopters.
27.01.2023 (14:30) Tank crews from Southern MD eliminate concentration of hostile manpower and military hardware during th special military operation Tankmen from the Southern Military District have received not just one, but several state and departmental awards during the period of the special military operation.
27.01.2023 (06:45) Grad MLRS of the Central Military District destroys an enemy D-20 howitzer battery and an ammunition depot nearby The well camouflaged positions of the Ukrainian military were identified by aerial surveillance from an unmanned aerial vehicle.
27.01.2023 (06:15) Su-35s multipurpose crews carry on combat missions within the special military operation During one of the sorties, an AFU aircraft was timely detected and eliminated.
27.01.2023 (05:45) Tulpan mortars inflict fire damage on AFU positions The mortar is capable of destroying enemy targets at considerable distances from the line of contact, using projectiles weighing between 130 and 230 kg.
27.01.2023 (05:00) Combat service support troops are on round-the-clock missions during the special military operation The CSS troops deliver ammunition, fuel products, food and drinking water to the line of contact day and night under shelling.