MoD of Russia Reports for January 29th thru February 2nd, 2023…

02.02.2023 (22:30) Baltic Fleet’s sailors commence preparation for Sea Cup 2023 competition The ship crews are to practise operating artillery systems against waterborne and air targets.
02.02.2023 (19:30) CMD electronic warfare professionals learn neutralising mock enemy’s navigation systems in Kemerovo region The personnel used the Borisoglebsk-2 electronic warfare system to detect mock enemy’s stations, and practised blocking the access to their navigation systems.
02.02.2023 (14:30) Motorised rifle units from EMD tank formation halt mock enemy’s offensive using Fagot anti-tank systems in Buryatia The BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles fired with 30mm automatic guns at the targets that simulated light armoured vehicles at ranges from 500 to 1,200 metres.
02.02.2023 (12:30) Two Pacific Fleet’s missile boats practise destroying mock enemy’s ship The personnel have practised electronic warfare and camouflaging, air and countersabotage defence, as well as on-board damage control and protection while on an unprotected roadstead.
02.02.2023 (06:30) WMD Msta-S self-propelled howitzers destroy AFU artillery, defensive structures, and command posts within special military operation The crews are also manned by personnel conscripted within the partial mobilisation.
02.02.2023 (05:45) CMD Tyulpan self-propelled mortars destroy crucial AFU infrastructure facilities The 240mm Tyulpan systems are the only large-calibre mortars in the world. Their projectiles, weighing from 130 to 230 kg, are able to penetrate 3-metre-thick concrete structures.
01.02.2023 (17:45) Russian military pilots performed flights in the region of high mountains in Kyrgyzstan Special attention was paid to the coherence and speed of the pilots’ actions, as well as their ability to navigate in difficult geographical and meteorological conditions.
01.02.2023 (11:30) Crews of Ka-29 naval helicopters of aviation of the Pacific Fleet launched strikes over the defensive positions of the mock enemy in coastal zone The exercise was held in the area of the coastal naval aviation training ground in the peninsula of Kamchatka. The helicopters crews performed shooting exercises.
01.02.2023 (06:00) Crews of Uragan and Grad multiple launch rocket systems of the Souther Military District successfully destroyed targets in the area of the special military operation Servicemen of the artillery regiment perform combat tasks in the Kherson direction and destroying manpower and hardware of the UAF units.
01.02.2023 (05:30) Specialists of the courier and postal service of the Central Military District deliver letters and parcels to the area of the special military operation In the area of the special military operation courier-mail communication remains the only way to send a message to relatives and to receive an answer from them for many.
01.02.2023 (05:00) Russian Military Police servicemen detected a mine layed by saboteurs at a bus stop and defused it Specialists of the mine clearance group transported an explosive to a special landfill where it was destroyed by detonation.
31.01.2023 (06:00) Su-34s fighter-bomber crews carry on combat duty at home airfields Pilots perform air patrol tasks and cover the actions of the Russian Armed Forces units at any time of the day and in any meteorological conditions.
31.01.2023 (05:05) Artillery crews of 152 mm Giatsint self-propelled guns of the CMD destroyed positions, equipment and manpower of the Ukrainian armed forces It takes less than 4 minutes for the servicemen to prepare the gun for firing.
30.01.2023 (06:15) T-72 tanks of Southern MD perform fire missions to eliminate AFU armour within the special military operation The tank company conducts manoeuvre battles using natural shelters and folds of terrain.
30.01.2023 (05:45) Motorised rifle units of the Central Military District undergo combat training in the rear area of the special military operation The training follows a programme based on experience of fighting against Ukrainian troops.
30.01.2023 (05:00) Western MD’s Su-35s jet fighters inflict fire damage to AFU military infrastructure Sorties are carried out in both daylight and dark hours in all weather conditions.
29.01.2023 (05:30) Msta-S self-propelled artillery crews of the Southern Military District engage targets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces within the special military operation The forward spotters and UAV operators transmit the coordinates of the target, after which the self-propelled artillery crews inflict the fire damage.
29.01.2023 (05:00) ZU-23 anti-aircraft artillery unit from the Southern Military District regularly shots down enemy air targets within the special military operation The Southern Military District’s anti-aircraft gunners continue to carry out combat missions to cover the airspace from the attacks of Ukrainian nationalists’ drones.