MoD of Russia Reports for January 9th, 2023…

09.01.2023 (18:00) Northern Fleet conducts training on driving combat vehicles in challenging weather conditions The class was the first training session for young drivers and driver mechanics on night-time driving of the MTLB multi-purpose vehicle, TTM-4902PS-10 two-tiered all-terrain vehicle and KAMAZ-4310 truck.
09.01.2023 (16:00) Pacific Fleet ships undergo air defence training at their base in Vladivostok According to the scenario, a simulated enemy attempted an air raid against the Pacific Fleet forces stationed at the base near the wharf.
09.01.2023 (14:00) Russian forces employ high-precision ordnance of new generation within special military operation The pinpoint strike launched with high-precision projectiles has resulted in the destruction of the armoured facility. All the targets were hit by one high-precision projectile per each.
09.01.2023 (12:00) Air defence professionals from Pacific Fleet’s marine continue their action within special military operation Crews of Pantsir-S air defence missile systems and Igla MANPADs operate in South Donetsk direction, and assist in successful advancement of the Pacific Fleet’s assault units in Ugledar direction.
09.01.2023 (05:00) CMD Msta-S howitzer crews attack Ukrainian militants’ positions Coordinated and effective action of the artillery operators impede the redeployment of enemy reserve forces, and support the offensive action of ground forces in all the directions.