MoD of Russia Reports for March 10 to 12, 2023…

12.03.2023 (05:10) Grad MLRS crews launch artillery strike at AFU camouflaged positions Once the task was fulfilled, the artillery operators rapidly repositioned.
12.03.2023 (05:05) Logisticians uninterruptedly refuel vehicles involved in special military operation However, logistic units’ personnel regularly operate unde enemy fire.
11.03.2023 (05:10) WMD mortar crews in combat action within special military operation The 120mm mortar crews are also manned by personnel conscripted within the partial mobilisation.
11.03.2023 (05:05) SMD Tornado-G MLRS roving crew destroys AFU facilities within special military operation The SMD artillery crews support the offensive of motorised rifle and tank units of the Russian Armed Forces, and continue launching massive strikes against AFU positions.
11.03.2023 (05:00) Airborne Troops’ Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower system crews in combat action within special military operation NBC protection professionals of the Airborne Troops launch devastating strikes with 220mm thermobaric projectiles against AFU positions burning their shelters, observation posts, ordnance depots, and artillery positions.
10.03.2023 (11:45) Russian Defence Ministry continues large-scale construction in Crimea Almost 20 new structures, including a cutting-edge treatment and diagnosis building, helipads, an infectious disease ward, a blood transfusion station, an oxygen station, etc., will be constructed.
10.03.2023 (09:30) First round of talks for Selenga 2023 joint Russian-Mongolian exercise completes in Buryatiya Representatives of the Eastern Military District and the Mongolian Ground Force signed a protocol in which they approved the order of troops movement, location and timing of the exercise.
10.03.2023 (06:45) Grad MLRS crews of the Central MD continue to carry out firing missions to destroy Ukrainian Armed Forces’ facilities and positions in the special military operation A platoon stronghold and the Ukrainian nationalists’ manpower were neutralised in the firefight.
10.03.2023 (06:15) Paratroopers from Ivanovo in special military operation detected and destroyed a group of Ukrainian troops approaching Russian positions As a consequence of the fire attack, the enemy abandoned their intentions and hastily retreated, leaving several men dead and wounded.
10.03.2023 (05:30) Western MD’s Tor-M2U protect troops from air enemy in special military operation The Tor-M2U is capable of engaging all types of targets: aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, and even ballistic missiles.

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