MoD of Russia Reports for March 13th to 14th, 2023…

14.03.2023 (21:30) Baltic Fleet hosts special exercise of radio warfare units of air defence units Modern complexes Krasukha-4S, R-934b Sinitsa and R-330Z Zhitel are used in the exercise.
14.03.2023 (16:00) Northern Fleet begin command and staff training in force and troop control It is planned to practise a number of standards and perform combat exercises as part of groups of different forces with the actual performance of artillery and missile firing.
14.03.2023 (11:30) 152 mm Giatsint gun crews destroy military facilities and enemy manpower within special military operation While performing firing tasks, the artillerymen of the Central Military District interact with the crews of complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles, which carry out reconnaissance of enemy positions and adjust the accuracy of fire of the artillery guns.
14.03.2023 (06:00) Tornado-G MLRS continue daily combat missions within the special military operation Artillerymen of the Western Military District during the special military operation, supporting the offensive actions of motorised rifle and tank units of the Russian Armed Forces, continue daily massive strikes on positions, military infrastructure and hardware of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).
14.03.2023 (05:00) Airborne Troops artillery eliminate enemy infantry and artillery guns by accurate fire within special military operation Airborne artillery crews regularly fight against the enemy in counter-battery warfare and assist the airborne assault and paratrooper units’ offensive.
13.03.2023 (17:55) Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu congratulates vice chairmen of China’s Central Military Commission on their appointment The head of the Russian military department added that Russian–Chinese relations are stable and long-term, and they meet the goals of establishing good neighbourliness and ensuring mutual trust.
13.03.2023 (17:50) Sergei Shoigu congratulates Li Shangfu on his appointment as China’s Defence Minister The Russian Defence Minister wished General Li Shangfu good health, well-being, and success in his responsible work.
13.03.2023 (15:30) T-90M crews ensure fire support of airborne assault units within special military operation Tankmen successfully engage targets that are far away and out of line of sight.
13.03.2023 (05:00) Ka-52 attack helicopters destroy AFU stronghold and armoured vehicles within special military operation Precised hits annihilated a command post and armoured vehicles of the enemy.