MoD of Russia Reports for November 10th, 2022…

10.11.2022 (15:30) Damage control exercises were held with Pacific Fleet submarine crews in Kamchatka Pacific Fleet submariners conduct regular damage control exercises. All crews master their skills to act in emergency situation.
10.11.2022 (07:00) Orlan-10 UAVs conduct round-the-clock surveillance within special military operation They listen in enemy talks, carry out radio surveillance, locate Ukrainian combatants on video, and text messages to nationalist mobile users pleading with them to lay down their weapons.
10.11.2022 (05:15) Military medics in armoured vests remove unexploded ordnance from a patient’s body The patient was admitted with a penetrating chest wound.
10.11.2022 (05:00) Ka-52 helicopters annihilate AFU’s strongholds and armour During the combat missions, the pilots of the army aviation launched missiles at the detected hostile strongholds.

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