MoD of Russia Reports for November 15th, 2022…

15.11.2022 (17:05) EW specialists continue to carry out tasks within special military operation Electronic warfare units use special anti-UAV systems that suppress their GPS-tagged navigation system.
15.11.2022 (15:05) WMD mortar crews in combat action The 120mm mobile mortars are designed to engage manpower located in the open area or in cover, firepower, command and observation posts, enemy armaments and military equipment.
15.11.2022 (08:00) Mobilised personnel of EMD holds engineering training in Sakhalin and Buryatia Within the training, the troops learn engineering. In theory classes, they learn about explosives, types of mines and how to defuse them.
15.11.2022 (05:20) More than 400 paratroopers from Ulyanovsk is sent to area of special military operation The servicemen are provided with all-season field uniforms, body armour and chemical protection gear, what is more, 100% of military personnel have received their money and social allowance.
15.11.2022 (03:00) Su-25 crews launch missiles at AFU military facilities and hardware The action of airpower has resulted in the elimination of AFU camouflaged fortified field positions and armoured vehicles.

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