MoD of Russia Reports for November 24, 2022…

24.11.2022 (16:24) The Russian Defence Minister held telephone talks with his Turkish counterpart Army General Sergei Shoigu and Hulusi Akar discussed the situation in northern Syria, as well as selected issues related to the continuation of the Black Sea Initiative.
24.11.2022 (12:03) The Tor-M2U SAM system units of the Western MD destroys AFU unmanned aerial vehicles The air defence units of the Western Military District (MD) successfully destroyed hundreds of different targets within the special military operation.
24.11.2022 (06:30) Russian servicemen provide humanitarian aid to residents of Shara in Daraa province in Syria 500 food kits weighing around 5 tonnes were distributed to the local population.
24.11.2022 (05:30) Airborne troops within partial mobilisation attend training at a training ground in rear area of airborne troop reserve The servicemen undergo training in driving BTR-D armoured personnel carriers and firing of Fagot anti-tank missile systems.
24.11.2022 (05:00) Servicemen of the Central MD, who showed courage and heroism within special military operation, were presented with state awards The leadership of the Central Military District (MD) awarded Medals for Courage to Ural servicemen within the partial mobilisation from Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions.
24.11.2022 (03:00) Su-25 assault fighter crews launch missile attacks at AFU military facilities and equipment The action of airpower has resulted in the elimination of AFU camouflaged fortified field positions and armoured vehicles.