MoD of Russia Reports for October 10th, 2022…

10.10.2022 (17:15) Central Asian Collective Rapid Deployment Forces’ contingents head to Tajikistan to participate in Rubezh 2022 The exercise is dedicated to preparing and conducting operations aimed at eliminating illegal armed groups that invade a CSTO member State.
10.10.2022 (16:30) Mobilised personnel from Khabarovsk leave for Russian Defence Ministry’s training centres The parting ceremony was attended by the representatives of the Eastern Military District Command, Khabarovsk Krai Administration, youth organisations and social entities.
10.10.2022 (14:00) Combat training for mobilised personnel continues in Samara region Servicemen improve their skills in movement on the battlefield, inter-unit cooperation, shooting with submachine guns, machine guns and grenade firing.
10.10.2022 (13:30) Combat training activities with mobilised personnel take place at a training ground of the WMD in Vladimir region Within training, troops not only recall and improve the skills they have learned, but also study new ones.
10.10.2022 (13:00) Enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group eliminated by Msta-B howitzer crews of the WMD With the first salvo, the target was hit by the artillery of the Western Military District without adjustment.
10.10.2022 (10:30) The Russian Defence Ministry’s training centre in Volgograd region trains mobilised citizens Practical training involves driving combat vehicles over rough terrain, with crews overcoming natural and man-made obstacles such as slopes, descents, rises, track bridges and anti-tank trenches.
10.10.2022 (08:00) Mobilised servicemen improved their engineering skills in the Republic of Buryatia Most of the training was about explosive devices.
10.10.2022 (05:15) Airborne Troops have neutralised the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine within the special military operation Six tanks and more than 10 other armoured vehicles and motor vehicles, including foreign-made vehicle has been eliminated.
10.10.2022 (05:00) The Russian Defence Ministry publishes footage of the training of mechanised rifle units from mobilised citizens arrived from Ural and Siberia in the rear areas of the special military operation Within training mobilised citizens from the reserve as part of the partial mobilisation take a course in the necessary training of military science.

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