MoD of Russia Reports for October 13th, 2022…

13.10.2022 (20:00) Mobilised personnel practice live shooting with Akatsiya artillery systems at Baltic Fleet’s training ground Artillery crews have neutralised the targets that simulated mock enemy’s armoured equipment and strongpoints.
13.10.2022 (17:00) Mobilised citizens commence unit cohesion in Chelyabinsk region The training is guided by CMD servicemen who have been involved in the special military operation.
13.10.2022 (13:30) Mobilised personnel attend unit cohesion training in Tatarstan Guided by experienced officers, the personnel practice shooting with AK-74 assault rifles, Kalashnikov machine guns, improve their skills in redeploying on the battlefield and learn to destroy enemy armoured facilities.
13.10.2022 (13:00) Airborne Troops’ repair units involved in special military operation restore armoured vehicles KamAZ-5350 lorry, BMD-4M armoured assault vehicle and other vehicles are currently being repaired and to be returned within 24 hours for further operation.
13.10.2022 (11:30) Elimination of AFU militants and their armoured equipment while trying to attacking Russian units in Kherson region Kornet and Shturm-S anti-tank missile systems from Airborne Troops received the reconnaissance data, deployed to sheltered firing positions and opened fire at the attacking armoured vehicles.
13.10.2022 (11:00) SMD medical professionals train mobilised personnel in Volgograd region The training supposed to operate both with conditionally wounded servicemen and specific mannequins that allow to completely simulate injuries and wounds.
13.10.2022 (08:00) AGS-17 flamethrower system crews manned by mobilised personnel continue their training course in Buryatia The trainees have practiced to select and to rapidly redeploy to advantageous combat positions, to deploy the flamethrower system, to aim and to fire.
13.10.2022 (06:30) Mobilised citizens continue their training course in Priamurye Servicemen consolidate their skills in redeploying on the battlefield, shooting with Kalashnikov assault rifles and machine guns, as well as AGS-17 Plamya and RPG-7 grenade launchers at targets located from 200 to 600 m away simulating mock enemy’s manpower.
13.10.2022 (05:00) SMD Shturm-S system crews successfully launch attacks at firing positions and destroy AFU armoured equipment Anti-tank system operators support the offensive units, as well as repel counterattacks of AFU units and nationalist battalions that use tanks and armoured equipment.

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