MoD of Russia Reports for October 14th, 2022…

14.10.2022 (17:45) Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan hosts anti-terrorist training The training was hosted with various simulation facilities, including blank ammunition for small arms, smoke and TMT barrels.
14.10.2022 (13:15) Personnel mobilised from Kaliningrad region continue attending combat preparatory course at Baltic Fleet’s training grounds Unit cohesion process and personnel’s capacity to operate depend on the quality of teaching and restoring their skills.
14.10.2022 (09:00) Mobilised servicemen learn tactics in settlements within training in Volgograd region Simulated Im-100M mines and smoke detectors were used to create a situation as close to a combat situation as possible when storming the positions of a mock enemy.
14.10.2022 (05:00) Mobilised personnel practice mastery of military equipment and standard weapons possession The training of BRM-2AM reconnaissance vehicle crews and sniper pairs of mobilised personnel takes place in the rear area of the special military operation.

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