MoD of Russia Reports for October 21st, 2022…

21.10.2022 (16:20) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu holds telephone talks with U.S. Defence Secretary Lloyd J. Austin The parties discussed international security problems, notably the situation in Ukraine.
21.10.2022 (16:00) Sergei Shoigu awards Gold Star medals to heroes of special military operation in Ukraine The Minister thanked the servicemen for their selflessness shown in protecting the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics.
21.10.2022 (11:54) Mobilised personnel practise shooting with AGS-17 grenade launchers Moreover, servicemen improve their skills in providing first aid, camouflaging their positions, measuring distances, as well as in firing at emerging and mobile targets.
21.10.2022 (11:06) EMD Tor-M2 air defence missile system crews continue their successful action within special military operation Tor-M2 systems are capable of neutralising almost all kinds of aerial vehicles in their altitude range.
21.10.2022 (08:30) Mobilised personnel practise driving fighting vehicles at EMD training ground in Jewish autonomous region Servicemen overcome natural and artificial obstacles: track bridge, anti-tank trench, manoeuvring, mine barrier etc.
21.10.2022 (07:45) Mobilised personnel practise shooting with Sani 120mm mortars in Transbaikalia Servicemen had accomplished about 20 special exercises before shooting.
21.10.2022 (05:45) CMD Iskander-M system crews continue fulfilling combat tasks within special military operation The command of the Central Military District emphasises high effectiveness of the operation performed by Iskander-M system crews.
21.10.2022 (05:00) WMD Ka-52 helicopter crews launch missiles at AFU strongpoints and armoured hardware Crews of the Western Military District (WMD) army aviation helicopters continue destroying armoured vehicles and military infrastructure facilities of the AFU.

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